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Alisa and Marissa have a beautiful sister bond. They love each other very much as well as their love for their trucks and their country life. They grew up in a dairy running and playing around in the orchards. They would stroll around the barns, jump in the hay and end up  feeding the cows as the sun would set in the evenings. Every other year they take photos to document their childhood and to remember that their sister bond is unbreakable.


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Guess who is 3 months already? Baby Quinten! I just love this little blue eyed heart warrior.  He is now 8 weeks out from his heart surgery and growing to be such a strong little guy. He is a little cooing machine and loves to chit chat,  he has figured out how to grab his toes, kicks his legs like crazy, loves sitting up and being a big boy! He is one strong little warrior and he now has he’s beautiful scar that he will rock out. CHD survivor nothing will stop him.


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