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I am so happy to share this lovely couples story which I found out that  I am cousins with Karen! Their story goes like this: It was the summer of 2012; Karen had just moved six months prior to the bay area for a new job – Adrian was in the middle of art school with the prospect of a thriving art career. Karen was determined to find and surround herself with like minded people. Adrian says he went to a psychic and they told him that he would meet his true love soon – so he set out on a mission to find her. They crossed paths in Mission at this place called Monarch, Karen thought he was too buff and hid in a photo booth with her friends. Soon it was the fourth of July, and after a Korean/Chinese style BBQ in Oakland – Karen sat in her room and decided to give online dating another try – she reactivated her OkCupid account. There again she came across Adrian – but they were only a 27% match – not very likely. Like any other millennial girl – she spent the night cyber stalking Adrian. Karen watched his YouTube videos, scanned through his Facebook photos, read through his artist website – his art was impressive and had so much heart. Being brave Karen wrote Adrian a message and told him about how she studied Chicana Studies in college and took a summer abroad in Europe studying Spanish art- and she believed she could help him articulate messaging around his art. In her mind Adrian’s artwork expressed exactly how she felt about the world – he was the like minded person she was searching for and he also valued her interest in his artwork. They set to meet in person – Karen was over an hour late – her phone battery dead. Adrian sat at the bar at Cha Cha Cha (in the Mission) waiting – the bartender offered him many drinks – poor guy was stood up. Karen finally arrived, sweaty, her feet hurt – I guess it is always a bad idea to buy new shoes to break in walking the streets of San Francisco. Adrian offered her sangira – they spent the next 8 hours walking through the Mission district and talking about their families and lives. The rest is history. Every year they return to Cha Cha Cha, drink sangria and coincidentally are served by the same bartender. Adrian proposed on December 31st 2014 – January 1st, 2015 while sitting at a bench overlooking the bay. Karen obviously said yes! Their ceremony was held at the beautiful City Hall in San Francisco and a festive Mexican Fiesta was held at Nopalito SF with yummy tacos, margarita’s, pan dulce and paletas de agua. Karen designed her dress with lace from her mother’s wedding dress, she smiled as she knew her mother was with her on this special day. Adrian being an artist hand made their wedding topper as well as all the mosaic succulent pots for their wedding guests to enjoy at home. I loved being part of this special day.sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0001sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0002sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0003sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0004sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0005sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0007sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0008sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0009sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0010sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0011sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0012sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0013sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0014sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0017sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0018sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0019sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0020sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0021sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0022sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0023sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0024sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0025sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0026sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0028sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0029sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0030sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0031sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0032sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0033sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0034sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0035sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0036sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0037sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0038sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0040Karen’s Mom used to call her “burra” which she had tattooed on her right shoulder.sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0041They created a little scavenger hunt contest of places they went on dates for their guests to take selies at. It looks like they found a winner! sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0015sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0042sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0043sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0045sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0044sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0046sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0047sf_city_hall_wedding_cabreraphotography_ka_0048Bride’s bouquet and Groom’s boutonnière: Maria Sanchez
Shoes: BHLDN, Isabella scalloped heals
Dress: Mom’s dress with alterations and restoration from Margene’s Bridal in Oakland
Groom’s custom suit: Cassaras fine Men’s wear in Dublin
Cake: Galli’s Sanitary bakery
Civil Ceremony : San Francisco City Hall, Mayor’s Balcony
Dinner: Nopalito SF on 9th Ave
Flower crowns and bridal belt: Bow Crazie- Patricia Tafoya
Flower bouquets and boutonnières: DYI – Bride
Theme: Mexican Fiesta
Photography: Cabrera Photography + Films


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